Cake for Girl

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Inside the cake: any filling of your choice from our confectionery range:
🍒 Chocolate-spiced cherry
🍓 Strawberry mojito
🥛 Milk slice

⭐ We pack all cakes in transparent tube boxes.
We can also add candles, chocolate numbers and a card to your order.

Please indicate your favorite cake filling in the comments when ordering. If you did not specify a flavor, then by default we make the filling “Strawberry Mojito”.

1. Chocolate-spiced cherry
Moist chocolate biscuits, cherry confiture with red wine and spices, chocolate cream.

2. Strawberry mojito
Lime sponge cake, strawberry mousse with basil, strawberry confiture with whole berries and lime zest, cream cheese.

3. Milk slice
Chocolate airy biscuits, cream mousse with the addition of natural vanilla, chocolate cream.

The eyes are hollow spheres made from white Belgian chocolate.

The cake hairs are made of protein-butter cream and colored with food coloring. Ingredients: butter, egg white and sugar.

  • 1.000 gr.
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